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Coming down one Christmas in her early teens to find a guitar, microphone and amp under the tree, Grace Pitts’ life’s work began without her even truly realising. Playing classical piano from an early age and singing around the house, she had an inkling that her real talent may lie with songwriting.

Her big break came co-writing and featuring on ‘Numb’, the 2017 track from Australian artist and producer Hayden James which quickly became platinum in Australia. A left-of-centre pop smash, it showcased GRAACE’s silky vocals which also saw GRAACE join Flight Facilities as a touring vocalist on their 2018 “The Return Flight” tour. It was quickly followed by the singer’s debut single, ‘Kissing Boys’, an equally catchy bop that fleshes out a piano base with fluttering synths while still using simplicity as its greatest weapon.

Her debut EP ‘Self-Sabotage’, which has garnered over 30 million streams globally to date. “The EP was useful to me,” she reflects. “It helped me to get all of those feelings and negative emotions out, and as soon as I released it, it felt like I’d taken all of my baggage and threw it and burnt it – it was a huge weight off my chest.”

Drawing from her beginnings playing alone with a guitar to piano-driven solo efforts and glossier, chart-leaning pop, the next year is set to see GRAACE realise her world-conquering vision as an all-encompassing artist, flexible in her style but with a firm, vibrant personality – more simply put, the breakout crossover artist to watch.

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