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In just a short span of time, Sydney artist Becca Hatch has curated a space in the Australian contemporary R&B scene that is wholly her own.

The Kamilaroi/Samoan artist rose to wider attention after winning Triple J Unearthed High’s Indigenous Initiative in 2017, though in the years that followed, Becca has established herself as a dynamic artist whose voice and style adds a beautiful flair to the current wave of Australian artists bringing R&B-centric music back to the fore.

First courting attention with the release of debut single ‘2560’ in 2020, Hatch demonstrated her proficiency as a vocalist: though starting at a young age, Becca’s voice was one drenched in rich soul quality that spoke to influences that significantly formed the genre before her. 

Much like artists including Chloe Bailey, Kiana Ledé and Ella Mai, Becca Hatch is striking out on her own and developing her presence as a young industry leader as well as letting her music drive her forward. Conscious of the opportunities in front of her and the role she can play for her contemporaries – particularly in her community – Becca Hatch is refusing to be defined by labels, refusing to be boxed in by the restrictions of genre or public perception. 

Like her music, Becca’s personality captivates; audiences Australia wide have become enamoured with her and as the next chapter of music awaits, Becca Hatch is excited to get this new era started.

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