Hot Dub Time Machine

An “audio-visual masterpiece”, Hot Dub Time Machine has crafted the most distinctive, and arguably biggest, dance-party on the planet. With no intentions grander than a simple desire to throw a sick party, Loud has created a captivating and multi-layered work of art. Custom-built for festival mainstages, this incredible performance – and arguably one of the biggest – which has delivered enormous sell-out tours across the US, Europe and Australia – originates from an ingeniously simple concept. It’s a chronological history of popular mu- sic, not a clichéd DJ’s ‘journey’, but an outright genealogy – a masterclass in the evolution of popular music and dance. Add to the equation incredibly well-cu- rated visuals, slick turntablism, unmatched stage presence and an FX bill to rival EDC’s, and you’re starting to get the picture. It’s a theatrical level spectacle – one that brings audiences to their knees.

Glance over the pond to his native Australia, and Hot Dub Time Machine is in a league of his own as the country’s biggest DJ: consistently headlining the main stages at every major music festival, or selling out enormous headline national tours.

His immense fanbase has given him the leverage to launch his own nationally touring outdoor festival, selling-out each event. His name sake festival has done 100,000 tickets in the rst two years. Whether it’s selling out London’s Brixton Academy; breaking attendances records at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with b2b arena shows; or causing riots at Coachella, there is no doubt that the immense love for Hot Dub Time Machine spreads far and wide.

Possibly the most magic thing about Hot Dub’s set is the e ect it has on even the staunchest critics – one and all never fail to stagger out of the venue out in a daze, pieces of confetti in their hair, raving uncontrollably, reciting the show’s mission statement to all in their path: Best. Party. Ever.